Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vipassana Meditation - Links

If you are in Cambodia, please go to this link:, you can find the course schedule by following the link in the website.

For those who are outside of Cambodia, please click on link: and follow to the region and country where you are.

The basic course is 10-days that you can master the technique and bring it to your own practice. It is free of charges for food, accommodation, and course, as it financed by the donation of old students and served by old students. Once you become old student, you can also contribute and serve - strictly not before that. More questions about the VM technique, please click on

Please note that this course is open for everyone regardless their sex, age, belief, nationality, religion. There is no rituals, no chanting. The course provides you only to experience with the Buddha technique. This is why it spreads all over the world very quickly. The Westerners, non-buddhists are faster than Buddhists like us to grasp this experience.

This group is very well establsihed supported by Vipassan Research Institue and Vipassana International Acdemy as you can find in here: The schedule, the content of the course, and other rules and regulations are prescribed by the above institutions. All centers around the world apply the same rules.

Thank Leang for clarifying about Trantric Buddhism. I stilI remember pari-nirvana and nirvanna, and pheavanea that you share with me.

Finally, please enjoy the VOA video about a course organized by a Cambodian Dentist at her home in Fairfax, Virginia, USA. Please open this link, than click on "Finding Clarity and Inner Stillness Through Meditation"

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